What We Do

At Marketing Lab, we specialise in building a presence across all digital platforms – helping your business deliver its key messages.


Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is all about promoting your brand online. Whether that’s through Social Media, Blogs, Websites, Email, SEO or paid for online advertising. More so than ever having a plan to reach your perfect customer online is key for most businesses.

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Content Marketing

Content is King or Queen! We work with clients to help them produce exceptional digital content with a clear purpose, aligned to their marketing strategy making sure it speaks to their target audience in an authentic way.

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Social Media Marketing

Businesses understand that Social Media plays a key role in marketing their product or service, but many struggle to understand how best to do this, with such fast-paced and ever-changing platforms.

We help clients cut through the noise and understand how to make Social Media work for them, whether developing a strategy, optimising their channels, or managing the whole process from start to finish.

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Virtual Marketing Team

Whether you need a particular project or Campaign managed, or need support whilst you build an in-house team we can support your efforts through being your virtual team.

Previously we have worked with Marketing Managers and Directors to deliver day to day activity or have reported to Operations or Sales Manager to guide and deliver the whole marketing process.

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