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Think Marketing Lab Update

Think Marketing Lab Update

So we thought we’d do a little update on us and see how everyone else is doing?  We think we’re into Week 10 of lockdown and schools being off – but we could be wrong!  We’re following the guidelines and as we can work from home we are!

Previously we’ve never been big fans of video calls, but that is even starting to fade and actually seeing another human being and catching up on projects and work has become a really nice part to our working week.

We’ve had our first socially distanced catch up and walk, to talk about our plans and projects, which was great – although not having a big hug was a bit tough.

Our focus has of course been working with clients, helping them adapt their marketing content and think about who and how their businesses want to market themselves in these different times, but also what those businesses are good at and the service they offer actually hasn’t necessarily changed – so it’s important to talk about that too.

We also thought at the beginning of lockdown (like many other people did) that we might have some extra time and so we’d invest in upskilling ourselves too!  Great although that ‘spare’ time hasn’t transpired!  Anyway, all the good bits and tips we learn we’ll be sharing on social media as well as aiming to provide an even better service to our existing clients.

So all in all, Team Think Marketing Lab are staying positive and cracking on onwards and upwards. We really hope you are too.

Mel & Klara

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