Why you should be focusing on being more Social on Social

Is everyone on social media being social? We all know that social media has grown and morphed more than anyone could have imagined in the days of sites like MySpace (remember that one?!). Social Media now is part of the marketing mix and organisations large and small have benefited from how you can connect and engage with both existing and prospective clients.

This explosion has led to content overload for many and being able to stand out from not just competitors, but everyone and anyone, has become a very real challenge. So how can you cut through this and shine? And more importantly, how can you make sure that the hard work you’re putting into developing your Social Media Strategy pays off by creating genuinely interested and qualified potential leads for your business?

We’ll let you into a Secret

The answer lies not in some of the recent tech developments but in something much more low-tech and old-fashioned!  People still like buying from people they like and feel a connection to.  A soulless and faceless company page is unlikely to strike a chord with buyers looking and researching through Social Media.  LinkedIn’s latest research shows that 80% of B2B leads originate from LinkedIn initially.

Are you a Good Listener?

When you meet someone socially in real life – we all know that being a good listener is key to how that relationship develops and how good it will be.  We’ve all been at a networking event where someone just talks at you – rather than engage in a 2-way conversation.  This normally results in you looking for a way out (pretty quickly) to talk to someone else.

Those people who are most engaging are those who actively listen, ask questions and share too.  The same is true for Social Media – if all you do is push out content that is sell, sell, sell and me, me, me the chances are people’s online reaction will mirror what happens face to face – they will unfollow you pretty quickly.

Understanding what your target audience is interested in and what they want to talk about this should form the basis of the content you share.  Make sure you follow accounts of companies that would be your ideal clients and see what topics they talk about.

Top Tips for being Social on Social

  • Be yourself – so that if that connection develops into a client the transition is seamless.
  • Respond and comment to those that engage with your content.  There is no point in pushing out lots of posts and then not fostering and developing the community that engage with that content.  It’s the same as not responding to someone who has just spoken to you or asked a question!
  • Consider using the Live Audio feature now on LinkedIn as this is a great way to move from just online contacts to genuine business relationships.
  • Never underestimate how being helpful can build trust and relationships further.  When deciding what content to share or comments to make consider if it is adding value to the reader.  There has in the past been a concern about giving too much away for free but often being generous with advice can make you stand out for all of the right reasons.


Developing Online Relationships Offline

This really is the aim and goal for many businesses, moving a relationship from one on Social Media to meeting or discussing business further outside of these channels is the holy grail.  If you have been authentic with your messaging on Social Media this should be an easy transition.

How often do you suggest meeting up or having a chat to discuss possible opportunities or collaborations?  Doing this at the right time is key! On LinkedIn, there is a feeling that too many people feel they receive too many messages almost within seconds of connecting with someone trying to book a meeting with them.  Mostly this type of tactic won’t be received, as neither party has been unable to yet ascertain if this would be beneficial.

This has to be part of a natural progression but with events such as LinkedIn Local there is the opportunity to do this in your area. And on that note, we’re headed off to our local meet-up in Guildford later this month – practicing what we preach!

If you or your business could benefit from training or specialist consultancy in getting more from how you interact on Social Media and build connections contact us today.