Case Study: Enhancing Social Media Strategy for a Recruitment Consultancy

After the pandemic, Cranleigh STEM & Sustainability were looking to revitalise its social media activity. They wanted to develop a strategy that would allow them to share their expertise and industry insights more effectively, moving away from simply highlighting job vacancies.

Marketing Lab began by conducting an audit and review of their previous social media activity. Based on our findings, we developed key customer personas to guide the strategy going forward. By understanding the target audience, we were able to tailor the content and messaging more effectively.

Furthermore, we identified key content pillars that would shape the topics of conversation and provided recommendations on brand building and thought leadership. This comprehensive strategy served as a clear roadmap for Cranleigh STEM & Sustainability’s social media activities.

The feedback provided by them demonstrates the value they derived from Marketing Lab’s expertise:

“Klara and Mel have been instrumental in helping us create a more effective marketing strategy. They are both so easy to talk to and were able to provide the content and tools we needed to meet the marketing goals we had in mind. I have no hesitation in recommending them!”

By implementing our recommendations, our client experienced improved engagement on their social media platforms. They successfully shifted their focus to sharing valuable industry insights, enhancing their reputation as a trusted source of expertise. The strategy developed by Marketing Lab provided a solid foundation for their ongoing social media efforts, ensuring continued growth and success in the digital space.