Social media podcasts to keep up with latest developments

Struggling to keep on top of all the changes that are constantly happening at the moment on social media?  There are so many ways to stay up to date with all news, but one of our favourite ways is listening to podcasts.

Perhaps you already listen to your favourite comedy podcast or True Crime but it’s a great way of keeping up to date with professional development and updates for work too.   It’s such an easy and accessible way to get that information – pop your headphones in on and head out for a walk, get on with other jobs or listen as you work!

With so many podcasts out there though how can you choose which ones are the most helpful? We’ve put together a list of the podcasts we find useful and hope you do too:

The Shine Online Podcast

Great social media tips and tricks for small business owners Natasha hosts in a conversational way with entrepreneurs exploring just what they’ve done to ‘Shine Online’.

Social Media Decoded

A podcast dedicated to helping creatives, influencers, business owners and entrepreneurs simplify social media and thrive online. Hosted by all-around guru Michelle Thames she aims to share the best tips like social media strategies and business tips to help you succeed. The focus is on actionable tips that you can implement and see results.

Social Media Marketing Talk Show

A weekly live broadcast which comes out every Friday covering insights you can put to work immediately. It’s the longest-running weekly talk show dedicated to social media marketing.

Feel Good Social Media Podcast

Released weekly, entrepreneurs share actionable marketing tips. This shows wants to help everyday business owners market their brand in the best way ‘without wasting your precious time or making you feel like you’re losing your mind’. Let’s be honest we all need that!!
These are some of our favourites, if you have any recommendations – please share them with us, as we do love a podcast.

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