Should you hire a social media consultant?

Are you considering hiring a social media consultant, whether it’s an agency, consultancy or social media manager? Maybe you’re convinced but find there’s resistance internally? Or as a business owner, is that a conversation you’re having with yourself wondering if the investment would generate the ROI required?

Before you make your decision, it might be helpful to understand how social media consultants like us can help your business.  Agencies and consultants often have a crossover of services and with many offering hybrid services across both areas determining what supplier is right for you can be a hard decision.

Here are the things we know our clients say are the benefits of having the right team on board:


Getting in an expert makes things happen!

Too often businesses have good intentions to post content or generate a newsletter – but time just slips away and before they know it there’s been another month of inactivity.


Plan of action

Having a strategy created means we’re really clear about what we want to achieve, and how we’re going to get there.  Lacking direction and not having clear social media goals are common. This means it’s often difficult to understand whether investing in social media marketing can have a positive impact.


Cost-Effective Option.

In comparison to taking on a permanent member of staff – hiring a social media consultant provides more flexibility, and means you only pay for the work that it’s a priority to deliver.


A fresh set of eyes.

When you’re immersed in something day after day it’s so easy to overlook what’s good, but also what could benefit from a refresh.  Having an external expert provide their knowledge (away from internal politics and history) often raises awareness of some quick wins that have been missed.  Also providing recommendations comes with no bias or influence from working relationships etc it’s just a balanced observation.


Learning without Training!!

What we mean by this is the knowledge transfer that comes with working with a specialist.  We love adding value for our clients, and top tips, updates etc that are relevant we will share with clients.  We’re happy to explain how the process works, and there’s no smoke and mirrors about how we work to achieve the KPI’s set.  This process of working in partnership means our clients benefit from that knowledge transfer, and often this is then passed on internally to help everyone get on board with a particular project or campaign.



Another piece of advice is that finding a specialist that is the right fit for your business is key to getting the most out of the partnership (and it should feel like a partnership!).  If a supplier is offering up recommendations that your business won’t take on board, then perhaps they’re not right for you.  Whilst we want our clients to make the changes we know would bring them better results, from experience, we understand this sometimes has to be done in steps.  If you have a team for example that doesn’t like sharing articles on LinkedIn with a comment with their thoughts, it’s unlikely they’ll want to jump on to TikTok and start making short-form videos!  Getting the balance right is what a good social media marketing consultant does.


If you’d like to talk to us about how we could work with you to achieve your business goals on social media book a no-obligation discovery call here.