Social Media Roundup – April 2022


LinkedIn adds a new option to showcase a link on your profile

You will now be able to add a custom link to your LinkedIn profile. The link will be in clear view for anyone that clicks on your LinkedIn profile and should therefore generate more attention and interest. This is a great add-on for any promotions and hopefully, increases click-through rates.


Video trimming feature now available on LinkedIn mobile

To be able to improve your video content, LinkedIn has on the mobile app added a video trimming option. You will now be able to edit and post a video straight from the app, without having to edit in a different app. We love this as it will save time and hassle.



Instagram has increased the length of Reels to 90 seconds

Previously, Instagram has given users the option to record 15, 30 or 60 second long Reels. Adding the 90 section option means that users now have four options for the length of the Reels videos.


Instagram Is Updating its Ranking Algorithm to Put More Focus on Original Content

Instagram is making updates to the way that it ranks content, in order to put more focus on original work and content creation. If you create something from scratch you will be rewarded for that, even if it’s created outside the platform – however, if it has visible logos or watermarks from other platforms such as TikTok, that will be penalized.


Pinned Posts

Instagram are currently testing the feature of being able to pin a post to the top of the Instagram grid. This will be a great asset for marketers, to be able to pin the best performing post or for example an ‘about us’ post.

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