Social Media Roundup – March 2022

Spring clean leaps to mind this time of year – remember that’s also worth doing with your social media. There have been a lot of changes over the last few months and it looks like there will be quite a lot more to come – so keep your eyes peeled. In this month’s roundup, we have picked the most interesting updates which will have an impact on both company and personal branding.  So grab a cuppa and let us run you through the key changes.



Newsletters added to company pages

LinkedIn has extended the newsletter feature to company pages, which is great news for all of us with company pages. These newsletters are a great way to reach all of your company followers updating them on the latest news and insights.  You can easily use the content you use for your own company newsletters as your followers may be different from those on your email database.

Career break option fully extended

Earlier this month the Career Break option was extended on LinkedIn to all users, giving users the opportunity to fill in any gaps in their career history – whether the gap was due to looking after children, gap year or caretaking. This feature will give users the opportunity to also highlight any skills learned or experiences undertaken during this period of time.



Launches algorithm free feed sorting option

This is a biggie!  It’s something users have been asking forever since the chronological feed disappeared and was replaced with algorithms. Instagram has launched its algorithm free feed option which gives users two different options on how to view their Instagram feed – favourites and following.

Users may love this option but for businesses, we just don’t know what this will mean for engagement and reach. Our advice is to keep looking at insights to see what the impact is for you.

Be aware though, as you can’t set either as a default, so each time you log into the app you will need to select your chosen feed display.

New creator tag

Instagram has launched a new tag, which will help creators tag collaborators within the image. This will help users to give direct credit to others that they have been working with, which will give a boost in visibility to people that previously would not have been seen.



New tools for group admins to help manage communities

The features will help Facebook group admins to keep their communities safe, more easily manage interactions and help them grow the communities.

Reels to Facebook

You can share Reels from Instagram to Facebook if your account is public – and they will appear in your feed.  The reels section on Facebook is only available on the mobile app, so you won’t be able to see this from your desktop.

Our advice would be to build your knowledge and confidence using Reels on Instagram before moving across to Facebook as the editing can prove trickier, and we don’t yet know enough about Facebook are prioritising reels – whereas we know Instagram are pushing them heavily.


That’s it for this month, make sure you check out our other blogs for the latest news and updates and sign up for our newsletter to receive the latest updates and insights.