Social Media Roundup – February 2022

February might be the shortest day of the month, but it doesn’t mean that there has been any less news or updates in the social media world. As always, we’ve kept our eyes on the latest social media headlines and believe the following will be of interest to you.

Likes on Instagram Stories

If you haven’t already, you should soon be able to ‘like’ any Instagram stories in your feed, so no more clogged up inboxes with reactions from your stories.

The stories likes will not be public, only the creator will be able to see them. Technically this may seem like a minor update but it could have a big impact and it will be interesting to see if it will help boost user engagement.

The new feature is currently being rolled out to all users.

LinkedIn launches Podcast Network

LinkedIn has announced that they will launch a new LinkedIn Podcast Network, where content will be focused on key professional trends. It will include 12 shows (eight LinkedIn Presents and four LinkedIn News) from the platform’s news team, career influencers and executives in a range of industries.

  • Big Technology, hosted by Alex Kantrowitz
  • Brown Table Talk, hosted by Dee C. Marshall and Mita Mallick
  • Rethink Moments, hosted by Rachel Botsman
  • Sparked, hosted by Jonathan Fields
  • The Anxious Achiever, hosted by Morra Aarons Mele
  • The Next Big Idea, hosted by Rufus Griscom
  • The Start-Up of You, co-hosted by co-founder of LinkedIn Reid Hoffman with Ben Casnocha
  • Yes Factor, hosted by Winnie Sun

New LinkedIn Group for Marketeers

LinkedIn has also launched a new group for LinkedIn marketers. The aim of the group is to provide insights, tips, community support and guidance for digital marketers.

LinkedIn says:

“The group is designed specifically for marketers who want to take their efforts to the next level. We want to increase the synergy and collaboration between our marketing partners, customers, and internal experts to help everyone involved reach new heights. If you’re interested in getting the most out of LinkedIn for your marketing and learning how various third-party connections and enhancements can improve your results across a variety of focuses — from content and creative to targeting to lead generation and beyond — this group is for you.”

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