How to Market your Business at Christmas Time

The Christmas Build Up

Marketing Departments will spend months and invest heavily in ensuring they market their products and services to impact maximum sales at Christmas.

For Companies in sectors that sell to consumers and want to use Black Friday and the following build-up to reach potential customers Christmas offers up a host of marketing opportunities – from newsletters to special offers, and visually there is something for every brand from mistletoe and twinkly lights to snow and cosy fires.

But for some businesses the Christmas period doesn’t lead to increased sales, they may even see a reduction, especially as some industries shut down over that period too or as a result of people being out of the office for parties or holidays.

What if we don’t sell Baubles!

When it comes to digital marketing our advice for businesses that fall into this category is not to forget that it’s the festive period. Consider its effect on your customers and potential customers, and if you want an opportunity to show a more personable side to your brand. People genuinely do like seeing pictures of teams getting together, or how people have decorated their office. It’s a chance to portray the human side of your business.

Consider adapting the marketing tricks that online retailers use, just make them relevant for your business. Ideas such as an advice Advent Calendar where you send an e-shot every day in December providing helpful advice and using it to direct traffic to your website for more helpful long-form blogs etc.

Our Advice

A top tip would also be if in doubt – don’t. If some marketing ideas feel awkward in comparison to how you market yourself the rest of the year, and it doesn’t feel like a genuine fit then it’s probably not right.  Equally, if your company has a sense of humour, and you have good engagement on your social channels,  people are happy at this time of year to have some fun and see members of a certain team ‘Elfing Themselves’ for example, or everyone sporting a Christmas jumper in the office!

If you need help and advice in raising your businesses profile through digital marketing get in touch, we’d love to help.