Are you planning for the year ahead?

We know that for many companies marketing plans for 2021 were either binned or had to be totally re-written.  Businesses tried to prepare and plan for what 2021 might throw at them, but in many cases, this has been an incredibly hard task especially with a third lockdown at the beginning of the year.

For many the last quarter is the time where we review how the year has gone and start thinking about the year ahead, or maybe you still have some time and budget left for this year. Here are some marketing activities that can still pack a good punch!


For B2B Companies a good LinkedIn page is essential.  This is a key resource for potential buyers who are using LinkedIn more and more to help research and inform their procurement decisions.  When was the last time it was updated?  An out of date page, won’t give the right impression to your potential clients. Are all the sections complete? Are new sections such as product pages being utilised?


When was the last time you updated people on your database with news and updates and exciting plans or developments for the next year?  Towards the end of the year is a great time to share a newsletter or E-Shot with this type of information, and to establish when and how you’ll be interacting with them in the coming year.

Paid for social

If changes this year have meant there is still some marketing budget left over from perhaps cancelled events etc why not invest some paid for social to raise brand awareness with your target audience, even small budgets can help drive more traffic to your website or help to increase engagement on your post.  This will also provide insights into where budget could be allocated for the following year, especially if the business hasn’t invested or utilised this channel before.

Marketing Collateral

Reviewing Marketing Collateral to understand where the gaps are in any resources needed for the sales team or account managers is important.  One shift that has not been new this year, is a move to electronic versions being more important than shiny paper copies.  Is the collateral used currently fit for purpose?  And does it reflect the brand well?


Every year video plays a more and more important role in content marketing.  If Video has played an important role in your marketing strategy before that’s great but if you haven’t adding it to the ‘must do’ list for 2022 is essential.

Our final parting piece of advice would be – don’t take on too much.  Trying to achieve too much in too little time either means the wheels fall off or things are done to a standard no one is happy with. Also, think about how projects are going to be resourced and if you need to add specialist skills to your team or outsource. This will take time, and with the digital skills shortage highlighted throughout this year, it is worth being organised so you are ready to kick start things in 2022.

If you need help to make your plans happen, please do get in touch and find out how Marketing Lab could help you achieve your marketing goals.