Professional Headshots – Because you’re worth it!

I think it’s fair to say that most people, other than professional models perhaps, hate having their photograph taken.  When you do put yourself through the pain of having a professional headshot taken for your website, social media or promotional content the result is often lacking in any personality and your photo blurs into the many other standard corporate faces.

When we set up our business we wanted to be ourselves, we wanted clients to understand and see our personalities after all this is what makes us different, and hopefully is what draws clients to work with us!   We felt we had managed to encapsulate this in our website and branding and yet when we undertook a review of our website we realised the photos of us stood out for all the wrong reasons!

The decision to be made by us as a small business, without large budgets for what could be seen as a luxury, was do we invest in getting some shots done by a professional photographer who understand our business and us and can help us achieve the look we want?   At Think Marketing Lab HQ we love a bit of research and so undertook a bit of own and soon realised the answer was a resounding yes.

The importance of a good headshot is key when you’re a small business as the chances are people are choosing to work with you, not because of your well-known brand name, and large supporting infrastructure, they have chosen you because they think you’ll work well together and do a good job for them.  The second area for us to consider was as a services businesses we don’t have a product to showcase or picture – we are the product!

So we were convinced the investment was worth it and it thankfully didn’t take us long to find a photographer whose work and style appealed to us both.  What we didn’t know before we embarked on this process was that a good photographer will advise and guide you through what to wear, how to stand and should ask questions that let them understand the look and feel of what you are trying to achieve with the shots and your brand. All of which was invaluable advice for us.

For us as well being based in the edge of the Surrey Hills we wanted to capture that too, and as our photoshoot took place in Autumn we were very lucky to have a ready-made stunning backdrop.  So despite our worst fears of how the morning would go, it was really fun and we felt very relaxed all of which made for some good shots, which we felt were far better at reflecting us and what we do than anything we had before.