Adapting to a changing landscape

We launched the business over 5 years ago with the aim of being able to do a job we love, offering clients a professional, flexible, and down to earth marketing consultancy service. This has meant we have focused our business along the way, continued to train and up-skill (hopefully more good news to follow shortly there!!), making sure that we keep up to speed with the latest digital marketing tools and trends.

The feedback we have from clients we work with is so encouraging. When we dreamed what sort of business we wanted and what our ethos would be, we honestly didn’t realise it would be such a hit. Often the comments we receive are that we are part of the team, that we really understand our client’s businesses, and how we deliver what we say will.

So thankfully this approach seems to have played a strong part in us keeping busy and working throughout lockdown and through the recent easing of restrictions (where we live!). But it has also changed the landscape of the working environment too – for us we have been able to work from home consistently throughout this period. Whilst we missed our office, we thought very carefully about how many of our clients would continue to visit us regularly there, as they had before, and how many of the freelancers and suppliers we collaborate and work with would want to?

The short answer was not many, and so we have made the decision to not move back at this time – never say never though!

We are still having some socially distanced meetings and as many of our clients are continuing to work from home, we push forward on many of our projects with the help of all the various tech we have at our means!

As one chapter closes another one opens and so we have been busy working on our next 5-year business plan. Part of this is a project that we have been working on for a while, that with the events of the last 6 months we had to put on hold. We hope to share more about that soon (we’re marketers and we do love a teaser!!).

The headlines are we are very much ‘Business as usual’ and we’re excited about the plans that are coming together for the future of Marketing Lab. For those every eagle-eyed amongst you, you may have also noticed that our website address has changed and that we have evolved from to  There were a few reasons for this, one was to avoid confusion as to whether we were Marketing Lab or Labs. The other main reasons were we wanted to acknowledge that our client base already reaches beyond the county lines of Surrey, and as we grow the business where our physical location is will make very little difference to the service we offer.  Also, we always encourage clients to promote their brand to leave customers with a clear call to action – so this is ours – if you need marketing support for your business – ‘Think Marketing Lab!’.

So, don’t mind us if we now just pop back behind the scenes for another few months busying ourselves on client projects.  To keep up to date with all our news and top tips follow us on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. If you are interested in any of our services, get in touch to chat more about how we can bring your company’s marketing plans to life.