Marketing Lab Update

Happy New Year – we’re not going to dwell on last year or start jumping up and down about our new year’s resolutions as we’re taking a gentler approach to 2021!!  That and we figure you’ll have already read enough of that.

We do want to acknowledge though how tricky times have been for so many and that we still have some testing times to come.  Our focus has always been on supporting our clients and letting them get on with what they do brilliantly whilst we focus on their marketing behind the scenes.

This approach has meant that really since the first lockdown we have kept our heads down, produced some great work for our clients, helped them navigate how to market to their customers in different times, and thankfully we have managed that and survived homeschooling!

We also worked on some projects and plans of our own, and one of those has been about improving our communication around what services we offer, how we do that and why businesses should choose us!  We realised we needed a bit of our own advice as we have truly evolved over the last 5 and half years, and perhaps what people knew we delivered in the early days isn’t all we can offer now.

So a new website is under construction which reflects where we are as a business now – we’re not declaring a ‘launch’ date (we wouldn’t be allowed a big party anyway!) and circumstances out of our control seem to be a common theme currently.  But it’s coming!

Also, our social media channels have been particularly quiet too and that’s because we really wanted to be more helpful to our audiences in what we share, and we know people follow us for different reasons.  So if you want to understand more about our expertise and our views on Marketing, especially in the B2B sphere please do follow our Company Page on LinkedIn, if you want more insight into the projects we work on head over to Facebook, and if you fancy more of us and behind the scenes stuff (not too personal we promise!) then follow us Instagram.  Even better follow us on all our channels.  Please also connect with us personally on LinkedIn too.

And if you’re planning on boosting your business’s digital marketing efforts in 2021 then do get in touch and have a chat – we’d love to help if we can.