Why we should all be Learning

It can be very easy to get stuck in a rut and do things how it’s always been done – ‘because that has always worked, right?!’ ⁠the old adage of ‘if ain’t broke don’t fix it’!

The thing is that the things don’t stand still and in a world of ever-developing technology the rapid rate of change is greater than it’s ever been.  We find this very much the case in the world of marketing, which is developing at a super speed.  Things really don’t stay the same for very long.

With it being 4 years since we launched our business (originally Admin Lab – but hey things moved on and so did our name!), we have been reflecting a lot over the last week – looking back on how we and the business have developed over the years.

We had never run our own business and had always had the security of a larger organisation behind us. So it has been a steep learning curve – how to run a business but also to stay on top of what is happening in the industry. We have continued learning throughout this journey, both through courses (online and classroom) and also reading and networking.  Since we started the business Instagram’s popularity has shot up, there have been many changes to algorithms but also consumer changes, with the rise of Millennials. If we hadn’t been learning and keeping up to speed with these developments our advice to clients would also have been out of date (and not very helpful!).⁠

Part of the value we can add to clients marketing efforts is keeping up to speed with the changes and adapting their strategies and activities to reflect those, so that they can focus their learning and development on their own sectors changes.  We also love the fact they learn so much from our clients about their industries.

⁠We’re enjoying the constant learning and staying up to do date with what’s happening. You are never too old to keep on developing and learning – we’d like to think that is what keeps us so young!!