Happy 4th Birthday to Marketing Lab

It really bought home to us that this whole journey was about doing what we loved and being able to be involved in the lives of those we love too.  It also made us realise that we should give ourselves a well-deserved pat on the back, as we have gone from kitchen start up, to having our own offices and servicing a diverse mix of clients.  We also now manage the services of a range of other creatives who help us bring together marketing projects for our clients.  All of which we have worked with for a long period of time and who are great to work with and incredibly talented.

It’s a common fault amongst small business owners and those who are self-employed, that we just keep cracking on with the day job, and often don’t shout loud enough about our successes.

We might not feel any older but looking back to where we were 4 years ago, we had – a baby, a toddler and 2 small children who had just started school!  When we look at the 4 of them now 4 years seems a long, long time ago!!

So, here’s to the next 4 years and hopefully many more!

We have never sat back and rested on our laurels – and already have some exciting new ideas we’ll be rolling out this year.  This is what keeps things exciting and fresh for us, and hopefully means we can offer something more to our existing clients, and also stand out to those businesses looking to bring in support to help take their marketing and social media activity to the next level.

Once the celebrating’s are over (it will be extended celebrations as Klara has her birthday soon too!) it will be heads down again.