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Shout Out About #MarketingMums

Shout out about #MarketingMums

We’re not big on New Year’s resolutions over at Think Marketing Lab HQ but we love a to do list and the start of a new year is always a good time to think about the ‘To Do’s’ for the year ahead. On the top of our list is share more about what we do and more importantly who we are.  There are two reasons for doing this – one because we hope people will find this interesting and understand more about how we could help their business, and the second is this year we are ready and raring to grow the business.

We celebrated our first year of trading in November last year and since then we have started the business from scratch, built a small but so far loyal (many thanks!) client base, rebranded (we like being busy!), retrained and built our website twice.  The word ‘journey’ is often overused and unpopular, but it does truly sum up our experience to date, and reflects how we want to keep the business moving forward.

Having come from quite different backgrounds, but with a very similar shared experience of being made redundant following a second maternity leave, we just didn’t want to accept that we either had to be full time mums, or full time employees in order to carry on with the same level role we had worked in previously.  So, we have found a way to make our skills work for small businesses and have been able to work flexibly to support our families too.  Not always in perfect harmony – that would be a fib! But we no longer feel we must hide our mixed responsibilities, and we’ll be using more of the #MarketingMums to share our experiences.  If you want to know more about what we’re up to please follow us on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram, and keep an eye out for #MarketingMums.

We are passionate and sometimes scarily over enthusiastic about providing high quality marketing and social media support to businesses in a flexible way that suits them.  The task for us in the year ahead is to spread the word – as far and wide as possible, in this time of technology being on the doorstep isn’t always necessary for a great working relationship.  We will try and not be overly salesy, as we don’t like that and we figure quite a lot of other people don’t like this much either.  But we just might shout a little louder about expertise and successes and ask that should you hear of anyone looking for help on an ongoing or ad hoc basis with their social media or marketing – point them in our direction, we’d love to chat about how Think Marketing Lab could help.


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