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Our First Year

Our first year

There is no ‘official’ launch date for Think Marketing Lab, not all businesses launch with a big bang and a clear date when they started trading.  Like many small business owners, our launch was a ‘soft’ one! We spent a fair amount time researching our market, planning and developing our brand, making sure we had all the systems and working documents in place.  In fact, we were possibly more organised than some larger businesses when it came to our preparation – but we make no apology for that. We also believe that being flexible, adaptable, and listening to customers needs is what shapes a business. Having a clear plan and being organised go a long way in keeping a business in good working order – probably boring but important!!

Give or take a few weeks or so we have now been ‘operational’ for a year and what a great year it has been.  We have worked with some amazing clients; we have trained and helped businesses develop their social media and marketing offering and become involved in our local business community.  All of this and we have weathered that year as business partners and friends – something we are very proud of.

At the beginning of 2016 we spoke at a Chamber Of Commerce Women in Business event, about what it was like being a start-up business sharing our experiences with the audience.  At the time this was a daunting invitation for us but one we were passionate about being involved in.  If we could do this, anyone with the same enthusiasm in providing a great service or product could too.  If we could go back and talk to ourselves a year ago of course we would have pointers and tips, but who does not gain that from hindsight and experience?

The key thing for Think Marketing Lab and us is that we are doing a job we love (most days) working to make a real difference to our client’s businesses and to hopefully delight them with the approach and way we work.  So here is saying goodbye to our First year as a business and hello to the Second!

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